Called Into Disconnect

Thanks for all the encouragement last week around the story about *Almost Christian.*  I wanted to close this crazy time of media by sharing one of the most helpful comments I received.  It’s from youth pastor Merv Stoltzfus, a wise man if ever there was one (he gave me permission to share).  

As you may know, the CNN story brought on a slew of rants against religion in general, against Christianity, and some against me.  I wasn’t surprised by the negative comments–but I wasn’t prepared for the volume.  Most reacted out of some prior experience that led them to conclude that Christianity is stupid, cruel, manipulative, or infantile.  

Referring to the barrage of comments, Merv simply pointed out:  

“If we want to understand how this generation views ‘Christianity’ or at least a portion of it, these responses are the most helpful. The ‘Church’–me, us–must be able to hear this type of response and realize that there is a disconnect between stated belief and how our world perceives us as we live life.”

And there it is.  God has called us into this disconnect, because that’s where youth are.


  1. […] An Important Wesleyan Voice on the Formation of Youth Posted on August 30, 2010 by Kevin Watson Kenda Dean has written a book which has recently been published by Oxford UP, Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers Is Telling the American Church, and it has received a lot of attention over the past week. It started with an article on, which you can read here. As of this post, there were almost 6,000 comments to the story! Dean responded to the CNN article with two different responses on her blog. You can read them here and here. […]